• We might have thought that just six games for Round 12 of the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition might have helped our tipping, but as it turned out, we would have been wrong to think that it would.

    We got only two right.

    So, we had $600 of fantasy money staked and lost $400 outright. The two we got right only earned $292, so our net for Round 12 (not accounting for online bookmaker fees), plus the return of $200 for the two correct picks put us around $492 for the round, so we will not be retiring anytime soon.

    The first game of the fixture, Geelong v Richmond, was one of our correct picks. The Cats won 104 – 37, so punters who took the Cats to cover the 9.5-point line were rewarded. The Tigers kicked only five goals and seven behinds, but even if every kick made had been a major, Richmond still would have lost convincingly.

    We would have suggested that Carlton was rung in for Richmond, but the Blues were busy beating Brisbane and as the season progresses, there is no lack for tamers to keep the Lions in check.

    Once again, we took temporary; some might say extended, leave of our senses and tried to will Gold Coast to beat North Melbourne. Wrong. Not even close.

    Adelaide may have saved their season beating GWS, but at the least, they proved they could stand up to decent competition. We had the Giants, so wrong again.

    We asked ourselves how the Sydney Swans could possibly beat the premiers, but the 116 – 71 outcome to suggests the answer, which would be – convincingly.

    The Collingwood Magpies versus the Melbourne Demons was the last game of the round and we were right. Much as a golfer can make a mess of the first 17 holes, but birdie the last and return for more abuse another day, we will be back for an attempt at Round 13.