• Ignoring the advice of David Antsey, Andrew Bogut has signed a deal to play in the next season of the NBL with the Sydney Kings.

    He kept the talks around the new deal to himself, in order to avoid a media frenzy if the news should hit the media before he was ready for it to be made public.

    Bogut did approach the matter tangentially with Chris Goulding of Melbourne United, but Goulding interpreted Bogut’s queries as simply jesting and Goulding had formed the conclusion that Bogut would not return to play basketball in Australia.

    Bogut was not content to be a player only. He negotiated his way to a small ownership stake with the team before taking a two-year deal to play with the Kings following his successful 13 seasons in the NBA.

    His last several years in the NBA were mildly tumultuous. He was sent packing from the Golden State Warriors when his production on the court versus his pay envelope no longer made sense to Golden State.

    He may hold the record for shortest stay ever when he broke his leg after plying 57 seconds for the Cleveland Cavaliers and his time in the NBA seemed over when he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers at the beginning of the season, but made only limited appearances in 24 games.

    “I’ve been through a lot but so has my wife,” Bogut told foxsports.com.au.“I saw how hard it was, essentially living out of a suitcase the last year or two, with Dallas and going to Cleveland.I don’t think it’s fair to my son. Kids take a while to adjust. We finally got him sleeping, at Manhattan Beach, finally got his sleep patterns down. Then, we moved. Three months later, and he’s not sleeping well.”

    The new contract with the Kings supposedly contains no exit clauses where Bogut could bolt for an NBA or European team that came calling.