• According to some, the Australian Open will be Jason Day’s take off spot for his drive to recapture the number one ranking in the world.

    Day is returning to the tournament for the first time in five years, trying to recover the momentum he lost that resulted in his moving down 11 spots in the rankings. Day was winless last season and while he would never offer as justification the health and personal issues that clouded his mind last year, he had the sort of circumstances that would adversely affect anybody.

    He will have to deal with world number two Jordan Spieth, who has been sold on Australia as a stop on his schedule by Day’s Aussie swing coach Cameron McCormick, who with true subtlety gave a Spieth a list of the virtues of Australian courses.

    He is though responsible for nudging Spieth to hit out at the AO in 2014, subsequent to which Spieth discovered Sydney to his liking.

    Day is apparently put some of his travails in the past, hopefully at least. His mother waged a successful battle with cancer and her strength and determination in dealing with a deadly disease put hitting a little white ball around in its proper perspective.

    No one doubts that a healthy, free-thing Jason Day can move up the ladder, but as for regaining the number one ranking, Day himself told the Herald Sun, “I know in my heart I will climb that mountain. It’s going to be a difficult one, but I’ve had a taste of it, and for me it was very stressful being number one, all the demands that came with that.I feel very motivated, I think my 30s are going to be better than my 20s, and I’m very motivated to get back there.”

    Day is just 30, and could possibly have 15 or 20 years of productive professional golf ahead of him, provided he takes care of his back.