• Offer us some trivial honour, or offer us more money, and we will take the money every time.

    It was easy for us to conclude therefore, that Adelaide midfielder Rory Sloane did not stick with the Crows because he was offered the co-captaincy.

    A co-captaincy at an AFL club is better than one in the NFL, where players can sew their own “C” on their jerseys and trot out on the field for the coin toss with nary a second glance, but as far as we know, a sole or shared captainship in the AFL does not have any significant financial impact.

    Don Pyke and club management made the decision to lend a helping hand to Taylor Walker and it would seem that Sloane did not do any lobbying.

    Sloane already has a five-year extension with completely dry ink, as he came to terms back in July.

    There should be no friction between the two leaders, but just to be on the safe side, Sloane and Walker are both rehearsing loud, authoritative shouts of “Belay that order,” should it be necessary for one to overrule the other.

    The Crows were hot favourites to rise to the top last year following that unfortunate incident when they had to play to 2017 Grand Final before 100,000 Richmond fans.

    The Crows won the coin toss for the match. If the Crows return to form and collectively put behind them the mental distress that derailed them in 2018, Sloane and Walker can conduct a pre-game coin flip to see which gets to make the actual call ahead of the game.

    “I am honoured to join Tex as captain of the club and am excited about the two of us working together to lead the playing group,” Sloane said in a statement.

    Walker echoed the sentiment, saying, “I have the utmost faith and confidence in this playing group and it has been great to see the progress we have made during the pre-season.”

    We would select a captain for any of the clubs, provided said captain promises to make March get here sooner.