• The FFA Cup is down to eight teams and the upcoming quarterfinals will see three representatives from the A-League and five other clubs that all have their eyes on the one top prize.

    Melbourne City’s next opponent is the Western Sydney Wanderers, who will tour the Victorian Capital in their quest to win the FFA Cup.

    Sydney FC is the defending champion and they will have to play Avondale on Avondale’s pitch. That match is the first of two scheduled on Wednesday, the 19th, with the other being the aforementioned Melbourne City versus Sydney FC.

    A week late, it will be the Bentleigh Greens versus Heidelberg United, along with Apia Leichardt versus Adelaide United.

    The main attraction, in terms of publicity at least, is Avondale’s attempt to remove Sydney FC from the FFA Cup throne. Avondale could be up and gunning after their comeback against Bentleigh, but they could be emotionally bankrupt after reaching the NPL decider for the first time.

    Ladbrokes gives Avondale a limited chance, with a $10 quote compared to the $1.25 on offer for Sydney FC, but as we saw in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Finals, longer odds were often the winners, especially for host Russia, which went deep into the tournament before finally being eliminated.

    Melbourne City and Western Sydney features a much tighter market, $1.75 and $3.90, respectively, the sort of odds that defy the average football fan to back the right side.

    The tightest of the quarterfinals is the match with Bentleigh and Heidelberg, $2.25 and $2.75, respectively, while Adelaide enjoys a $1.50 to $5.20 favourtism over Leichardt.

    The format of the FFA Cup is such that the games are played simultaneously, so there is no advantage to one club to play after learning the outcome of the matches involving potential future opponents.