• In the What Have You Done for Us Lately category of sports, we find former All Blacks wing Julian Savea destined for a departure from France Top 14 club Toulon.

    The French are kinder than other football playing countries.

    Savea will not get the axe; he will be separated by Le Guillotine.

    His production, by the expectations he created by scoring 46 times in 54 Tests for New Zealand, has been on the decline.

    Last year, he scored only three tries in 17 games for Toulon and just one try in five Championship Cup games.

    Those greener pastures in the northern hemisphere add a lot of grazing pressure on southern hemisphere bolters.

    Savea is not doing much better this season, with three tries from 11 Top 14 games and three in Challenge Cup matches.

    The reports suggest that Savea offered a huge salary concession to remain with Toulon. His two-year deal with Toulon was reportedly worth $1.65 million per season.

    Just for fun, let’s suppose he agreed to a 50 percent pay cut.

    That would find him working this year for $825,000, a still substantial pay packet, better than all but a few southern hemisphere footballers.

    It gets gloomy when you assume $825,000 for the year, but if the Top 14 were to end today, or Savea was cut, his six tries for Toulon works out to $137,500 for every time he crossed the line.

    From a return on investment perspective, Savea is costly by any measure.

    Toulon are third on the table in this year’s Top 14 with seven wins, four losses and two drawn outcomes, but they nearly suffered the humiliation of relegation last year.

    It is possible to get several players in France for the cost of one Savea and the club is fine with the idea of using the money to shore up some weaknesses at other positions.

    Former Toulon owner Mourad Boudjellal last year told Savea that Savea was free to go and Boudjellal was so upset with what he got for his investment that he said on a radio interview that he was pondering a DNA test to ensure that an impostor was not rung in for Savea.