• It seems that the fine cricket powers-that-be in India have no shame when it comes to stacking the deck in favour of their own side.

    The setup of the wicket for the third Test in Ranchi was so disgustingly biased that India’s curator, SB Singh, banned Australian players from taking photos of the wicket yesterday.

    It would seem to be par for the course, however, as the pitch in Pune was condemned as “poor” by the ICC and that of the match in Bangalore so much improved as to earn the description of “below average.”

    When the two teams meet up tomorrow, it appears as though India, well aware that the most they can expect from the ICC is a gentle slap of the wrist so long as they can escape with a win, regardless of the cost to India’s reputation.

    India apparently makes little of ICC demands for teams to play in the “Spirit of the Game,” and have offered a pitch with practically nil in the way of bounce as a way to diminish the effectiveness of Australian pacemen Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood.

    Smuggled photos of the pitch reveal clearly defined bare patches designed to favour spinners Ravi Jadeja and Ravi Ashwin.