• One of the more bizarre stories to come out of the 2017 – 2018 NFL season was the recentannouncement that New England Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels had backed out of a head-coaching gig with the Indianapolis Colts.

    He was scheduled to attend a press conference in Indianapolis on Wednesday morning, but informed the Colts that he would be staying with the Patriots just hours before the official announcement.

    If McDaniels thinks his ill-fated two seasons of heading the Denver Broncos was painful, he is about to learn the true meaning of pain.

    McDaniels’ back flip send seismic ripples throughout the NFL, such that he may in the future find himself in the same category of persona no grata occupied by San Francisco social justice warrior Colin Kaerpernick.

    Even McDaniels’ agent, Bob Lamonte, speaking with ESPN, said McDaniels was “committing professional suicide.”

    Former Colts coach Tony Dungy added: “I can tell you there is no excuse big enough to justify this.”

    We would like to speculate, if we may be forgiven for doing so.

    Possibility number one is that McDaniels would like to stay with New England so long as quarterback Tom Brady is playing.

    We know McDaniels does not want to stick around solely for the famous New England clam chowder or the delightful winters.

    Possibility number two is that Head Coach Bill Belichick whispered that next year may be his last as Head Coach and that if McDaniels stuck around, the job could be his.

    Given the trustworthiness of Belichick, however, when the time came to hand the reins to McDaniels, Belichick would say, “April Fools!”

    The Colts already had a capable Head Coach in the form of Chuck Pagano, whose only misfortune in his tenure in Indianapolis was the bad luck of not having Andrew Luck as his quarterback, as Luck seems to spend more time on the injured reserve list than he does on the active squad.

    NFL owners will forever be reluctant to consider McDaniels, out of fear that they may be left standing at the altar as Colts owner Bob Isray was left by joshing Josh.