• We have an agreement with the spiders. Do not crawl on us and we will not crush you.

    Nick Kyrgios was bitten on the foot by one of the nasties and while it was not thought that it would affect him, he has crashed out of the Brisbane International in the first round as the defending champion from last year.

    Australian tennis fans are accustomed to all manner of bizarre behaviour by Kyrgios, shaking their heads at a case of seemingly immeasurable talent being squandered by a player who does not seem emotionally equipped to handle the scrutiny of big-time tennis.

    The loss in Brisbane dropped his ranking outside the top 50 for the first time in four years.

    The immediate consequence is that he will not receive a seeding for the Australian Open later in January.

    Take heart, Kyrgios fans. The young man is just 23 years of age and he could have a solid ten years in front of him, provided that he eliminates the distractions and learns to avoid the mental spiders that have spun a web of confusion in his brain.

    Kyrgios was dismissed from Brisbane by Jeremy Chardy of France, the final score being 6 – 7, 6 – 2, 6 – 3. Kyrgios went to a tiebreak to win the first set and more than a few might have suspected that Chardy’s day would soon be over. Chardy has been working the pro circuit since 2005. His strike rate is below 50 percent in just over 500 matches and he has just one career singles title.

    Kyrgios was nonplussed about losing a seeding in the Australian Open, telling reporters, “I honestly could not care less,” (about his ranking). “I feel like no matter who I play, I’ve got a fair shot if I play the right style of tennis and I’m feeling good.”

    Hard to imagine anything even remotely similar coming from the mouths of a Roger Federer or a Rafael Nadal.