• Latrell Mitchell and Valentine Holmes, both in Townsville and working for North Queensland Cowboys in the Telstra 2020 NRL Premiership competiton?

    It was never in the cards and besides, the entire state of Queensland, much more Townsville, is not sufficient geographic area to contain those two.

    Mitchell, still is spin mode from his recent remarks about his leaving the Roosters in order to expand his horizons, said that he had only visited Townsville in order to go fishing.

    We are assuming he meant the kinds of fish that swim in water, actual angling, not the metaphorical kind of fishing that would have dangled a lure under the noses of the North Queensland NRL club.

    Mitchell, of course, along with being a hot commodity in the footy world, was north to train with the Indigenous All Stars on the Gold Coast. The IAS side appears to have the edge over the New Zealand Maori Kiwis, if the bookies are to be trusted, that is, but it is an all-star game after all.

    When asked if he was ever considering signing with North Queensland, Mitchell laughed: “No, I just enjoyed the fishing, that’s all it was. I only went for a holiday.”

    Laugh now, Latrell.

    Souths would appear to be stronger than North Queensland, but they are clearly within reach, again, if the bookies are to be trusted.

    Rugby League players, after their time has come, often reminisce about this good season, or the time they won the flag.

    Mitchell will view the past off-season as his best, provided that best is synonymous with tumult.

    It appeared as though Mitchell had made a huge error when he turned down Wests, and South coach Wayne Bennett, after successfully convincing the other clubs that Mitchell was not a target for the club, now moves to the task of convincing Mitchell to play up to or above the standard he set over 97 appearances with Sydney.