• Australian punters have plunged on the Liberal Party having a successful day at the polls tomorrow, backing them into odds of $1.01 at Sportingbet.com.au to win both the South Australian and Tasmanian state elections. Those odds are the shortest odds the online bookmaker offers.

    “If a horse went around at those odds you’d have to question whether its rivals had four legs,” Sportingbet’s Andrew Brown said.

    “Punters are treating it as better than bank interest. In a twenty-four hour period we’ve taken nearly a quarter of a million for the Liberals including one bet of $100,000 at $1.04 for them to win in South Australia and another $40,000 at $1.03 for the party to claim victory in Tasmania.”

    In South Australia, the Liberal Party has firmed from $1.28 into $1.01 at Sportingbet since the start of the year, while Labor’s odds have ballooned from $3.50 out to a current quote of $15.

    It Tasmania, the Liberal Party has shortened from $1.14 into $1.01 at Sportingbet since the start of the year, with Labor drifting from $7.50 to $13.

    For Sportingbet’s full list of election markets visit https://www.sportingbet.com.au/elections/6467817/d/winning-party-party-of-premier

    2014 South Australian state election

    Sportingbet.com.au market Join Sportingbet Australia: Free $500 Bet
    Liberal $1.01

    Labor $15.00

    2014 Tasmanian state election

    Sportingbet.com.au market

    Liberal $1.01

    Labor $13

    Any other $26