• With the NFL Pro Bowl on the horizon, we got to thinking about All-Star games and came up with an idea.

    More on that in just a bit, but first, we have to say that of all the All-Star games in every code, the gridiron NFL Pro Bowl has the crown in terms of being entirely meaningless. It is a joke in the eyes of everyone.

    The AFL has its All Australian team, but at least the AFL has the good sense to not play an actual game.

    Major League Baseball, following an embarrassing mid-Summer Classic that ended in a draw, tried to make it worthwhile for everyone by handing home field advantage in the World Series to the league, National or American, that won the All-Star game, but the concept eventually fizzled when top teams headed for the World Series were disillusioned that a team with a lower record could gain the edge based simply on some random game in the middle of the season.

    The NBA All-Star game’s chief attraction is the whinging from players who were overlooked and in more than a few cases, deserving (see 2018 NBA All-Star Game re Ben Simmons).

    In our eyes, the best of them all is the State of Origin rugby series, where everyone cares, and everyone tries during the games.

    Here is our idea.

    Pick two sides of the best players from any sport, for example, two squads from the AFL, but instead of playing Aussie Rules, have them hop codes. By that we mean, really hop. Have them match up in a game of say, basketball, one of rugby and another some sort of tennis competition.

    The idea is to have the competition in a code as far as possible from the code in which the players achieved stardom. No cricketers playing baseball, no union ruggers playing NRL rules or Sevens.

    Strap them into Supercars and let them take some high-speed laps.

    Now, we would pay to see that.