• It is hard to believe that one player could have such influence, but statistics show that when Lachlan Coote is playing, the North Queensland Cowboys are remarkable better.

    Coote needs to be North Queensland’s savior when he plays his first game of the season versus the Canterbury Bulldogs.

    He has been absent due to a hamstring issue, but when he plays, the Cowboys fire on all cylinders. In the 74 games he has been in, they have won 50 of them, equal to a percentage of 67.6.

    When he is out, the Cows fall off to 21.4 percent.

    North Queensland has lost four from five in the Telstra 2018 NRL Premiershipcompetition, so if the statistics are a true indication, they desperately need to have a healthy Coote back in the irons and doing what he does.

    Another indication of his contributions is the 23.3 points per game his side scores with him on the field, compared to 15.9 when he is not on.

    He also provides help on the defensive end, with opponents held to 16.6 with him present to 24.4 when he is not.

    It all boils down to this, when the Cowboys are inside their opponents’’ 20, it is take them an average of 18.9 tackles to score a try, the third worst figure in the 16 team competition. That is their worst result through five round since 2008.

    Coote has been building up to match fitness over the past couple of weeks by testing his hamstring whilst playing for the Mackay Cutters, but Coach Paul Green said Coote is set to reclaim his jumper.

    “Like all players would be, he was a little bit disappointed to be playing Q-Cup but it was done for a reason and hopefully we’ve ticked that box,” Green said.“Mentally he’s feeling confident in that hamstring and it won’t be an issue.His experience and his positional play will be handy for us and probably just his talk will help overall.”

    Hopefully for the Cows, the statistics will prove trustworthy in Coote’s case, although there are myriad examples where statistics cannot be trusted.