• Gamble and win, you are a hero, a genius, a coaching savant.

    Gamble and lose, you are a goat, a moron, an idiot undeserving of anything beyond the occupation of ticket checker or car park attendant.

    Just so everyone knows, we have collected passes and directed traffic, jobs that do not command respect, but were challenging just the same, as sports fans will exhibit vast creativity when it comes to getting a better seat in the stadium or a better slot in the parking.

    We found it a true test of our vast intellects.

    Thus, we sympathise with Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll, who is the current target of scorn over his ill-advised decision to attempt a fake field goal during his side’s 34 – 31 Monday Night Football loss to the Atlanta Falcons, which, for the sake of certain AP writers or editors, are a different sort of raptor, while the Atlanta Hawks are the NBA franchise in the city.

    Carroll called for the fake late in the first half. It came on what would have been a 35-yard field goal attempt, which is basically automatic for NFL placekickers.

    As we said in the opening, had it worked, it would have been a masterstroke of genius. Since it did not work, Carroll was immediately reminded of his decision to throw a pass on the goal line during Super Bowl 49, when the team had a first down and could almost certainly have given the ball on a running play to Marshawn Lynch, who almost equally as certainly could have gained the final yard to win the game.

    Instead, Carroll elected to pass. When New England defensive back Malcolm Butler picked the pass off to seal the victory for the Patriots, Carroll had to live with what has been called the worst decision in the history of the Super Bowl.

    Last night’s ill-timed fake field goal attempt was not of the same magnitude, but for Carroll, as well as most of us, pleasant memories fade, while bitter memories last forever.