The odds of the Duchess of Cambridge arriving in Sydney wearing a white dress tomorrow have been cut from $3.50 into $2.60 at Sportingbet.com.au after the option attracted a number of healthy royal wagers late on Tuesday.

    The original favourite option of a blue dress has eased from $3 out to $3.40, while red remains a $4.50 third favourite.

    It’s a $2.40 favourite that Prince William’s shirt will also be white in colour, in front of striped ($2.50) and blue ($3).

    It’s a clear-cut $1.02 favourite that Kate will be holding George upon arrival in Sydney, in front of William ($5), a nanny ($17) and any other person ($21).

    Should baby George attend the Royal Easter Show with his parents on Saturday, it’s $2.50 that the first ride they will go on is the Red Barron. Other options include Alien Abduction ($34) and The Hangover ($51).

    Unfortunately for baby George, punters still believe it’s only an outside chance that he will get his hands on a Bertie Beetle showbag.

    It’s a $1.40 favourite that the royals won’t get George a Bertie Beetle bag while $2.40 is on offer at Sportingbet for them to get him the showbag of choice for kids.

    “We expect the odds of George getting a Bertie bag to firm once the royals are informed of just how important it is for every kid to experience this great Aussie tradition at the show,” Sportingbet’s Andrew Brown said.

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    Who will be holding baby George when the Royals step off the plane in Sydney?

    Kate $1.02

    William $5

    A nanny $17

    Any other person $21

    What colour dress will Kate wear on arrival in Sydney?

    White $2.60

    Blue $3.40

    Red $4.50

    Pink $6

    Green $8

    Purple $8

    Black $11

    Brown $13

    Orange $15

    What colour shirt will Prince William wear on arrival in Sydney?

    White $2.40

    Striped $2.50

    Blue $3

    Grey $11

    Green $17

    Pink $21

    Will baby George get a Bertie Beetle showbag?

    Yes $2.40

    No $1.40

    Which ride will the Royals ride first at the Royal Easter show?

    Red Barron $2.50

    Carousel $3.50

    Double Decker Carousel $5

    Wack Worm Family Coaster $5.50

    Pony Rides $7

    Rock N Roll $13

    Crazy Spinning Coaster $21

    Hollywood Horrors $34

    Alien Abduction $34

    Cliff Hanger $51

    The Hangover $51