• Ahead of Round 6 of the Toyota 2019 AFL Premiership competition, picking the winners seemed easier than it is on some weeks and our observation proved true in a personal sense.

    We lacked organisation to some extent, as while we were about some other tasks, we missed the first game of the week, which was Richmond beating Melbourne 85 – 42 at The G.

    Of the eight remaining games, we picked six correctly, by far and away the best outcome we have ever had.

    We mainly backed favourites for a hypothetical $100 per game.

    That strategy cost us when Adelaide beat the Saints 97 – 68 at Comic Book Hero Stadium.

    Our other mistake was taking Western Bulldogs to beat Fremantle at Optus. Makes us wonder not only what we were thinking, but also if we were actually thinking at all.

    Those two cost us $200 hypothetical dollars.

    The Pies beating the Bombers made $162 for us. Port beating the Kangaroos brought in $126. Brisbane versus Gold Coast was a gift of $145. The Giants beating the Swans at SCG earned an easy $145. Hawthorn beat Carlton, barely, but the $133 feels the same in our pocket if it had been a larger margin of victory. The most interesting game of Round 6 was the last, with Geelong beating West Coast to make us richer by $144.

    We had $800 total at risk. Our profit was $855 plus the return of the $800 in play money, giving us $1655 for the week, ignoring bookie margin.

    If this had been the only pretend wagering we had done, we would be quite chuffed, but the dismal outcomes of the prior weeks means that we are still in a deficit position for the season.

    We cannot say too many times that no punter should wager based on our guesses. Unless there are punters out there who relish losing money.