• The Aussies take their cricket seriously and it was only yesterday that the fate of the Aussie Ashes XI was being dissected every which way in the attempt to lay the blame for the Poms being anywhere in the discussion went into high gear.

    Steve Smith this, Steve Smith that, on and on. It was so bad the Australian bowling coach figuratively threw Smith under the bus for some decisions and occurrences that in hindsight were questionable.

    All is now bright and sunny in the Land Down Under now, as Australian went up 2 – 0 after securing the second Test in Adelaide.

    The tune is decidedly different and if Ben Stokes is permitted by the ECB to participate in the third Test in Perth, he had better be prepared to change the water in the Tasman Sea into vintage New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc if the Brits are to have any hopes of mounting a comeback that would rival that of Sir Donald Bradman’s 1936 – 1937 team, the only to ever come back from a 2 – 0 deficit.

    Day five started with the outcome in doubt, as England was only in arrears by 178 runs.

    Josh Hazlewood to the rescue.

    It seems not all that long ago, because, well, it was not, that Hazlewood was on the outside looking in, with no guarantee of a spot on the Aussie XI.

    He made the selectors feel clairvoyant when, in the very first over, he disposed of Chris Woakes as a warmup for the third over, where he sent Joe Root out, which effectively ended any chances England might have been entertaining.

    It took only two hours, so everyone had some spare time to enjoy the attractions of Adelaide, although it is hard to imagine that the Poms had much fun.

    Now, rather than mull Smith’s decision not to enforce the follow-on, it is England’s Captain Root who will be under the interrogators’’ bright lights for his call to bowl after winning the toss.