• Jeff Horn’s handlers committed the ultimate faux pas recently and so infuriated Horn that he threatened to axe the lot.

    They made him look bad on social media.

    It was a UFC/Conor McGregor-worthy moment when promoter Dean Lonergan posted on Horn’s ‘official’ social media channels that Horn took exception to Anthony Mundine’s views on sexuality.

    The homophobic posts were sledged as a cheap stunt to boost ticket sales for the Horn – Mundine fight in Brisbane.

    Are there stunts of any cost other than cheap when it comes to boxing and social media?

    Lonergan and his minions no longer have access to Horn’s social media accounts and they may be on the dreaded double secret probation until they can actually hawk a few tickets.

    Then, all will be forgiven. The other route to redemption would be if the posts garnered a sufficient number of ‘likes.’

    Mundine might decide to chuck it all and return to football, where the atmosphere is much more civil, well, a little more, but Manu Vatuvei seems to be taking the Mundine road in taking his leave from the New Zealand Warriors to make his professional boxing debut against Kiwi boxer Dave Letele in Christchurch on December 15.

    Provided, that is, that Letele is still boxing in a month’s time and has not decided that cricket might be his true love.

    Vatuvei is, as they say in some parts of the world, between situations at the moment, as the English club Salford released him when he could not fill the bill as the result of a leg injury.

    The former Warriors winger scored 152 tries for the Warriors over 14 seasons and told reporters that he is ‘shopping around’ for a rugby league contract, but at the age of 32, he might find all 16 NRL shops posting ‘Closed’ signs on their doors.