• There must be something in the Melbourne water supply.

    How else to explain over 70,000 of some of the world’s best-educated sports fans flocking to the MCG to watch staged wrestling?


    None of the over 70,000 in attendance were sports fans.

    It was the biggest professional wrestling event ever to be staged down under, known as the WWE Super Show-Down.

    The event exhibited the usual amount of carefully scripted spontaneous mayhem and in typical fashion; the action outside the ring was far more entertaining than anything taking place inside it.

    A Professional wrestler who goes by the name The Undertaker was taken down by another using the moniker Triple H.

    The Undertaker is actually an American with the legal name of Mark William Calaway. He is 53 years of age, so questions of athleticism need not be raised.

    Triple H is actually an American business executive whose legal name is Paul Michael Levesque. He is 49 years old.

    The allure of professional wrestling has always eluded us and attaching the adjective sport to professional wrestling no more makes it a true sport than attaching British to American blues music makes that music imported.

    The traveling circus that goes by the name of WWE is headed to Saudi Arabia for a show called Crown Jewel and it is difficult to imagine an audience for the sham sport in an Arab country, but they region has adapted to Pakistan playing cricket in the UAE, so it is possible to imagine just about anything going on in the desert.

    The denizens of Melbourne may have been there partially as a show of support for local wrestler Buddy Murphy, who won the Cruiserweight Championship by pinning Cedric Alexander, and by so doing, becoming the first Australian to win on the main roster of a WWE title card.

    Two competitors from Sydney also won a tag team match, so we are beginning to detect a pattern in play, one that will be confirmed if The Sheik, another Yank who took the professional wresting ring, rises from the dead to win a belt.