International online wagering behemoth Ladbrokes has truly stolen a march on the other betting agencies with its recently debuted feature they have christened InfoHub.

Designed to utilise the powerful capacities of modern tablet computer and smart phones, InfoHub puts vast amounts of wagering data into an easily accessible and navigable format that makes it possible for punters to make informed selections on thousands of betting markets in approximately the same amount of time it takes to post a “like” on a social media website.


For any market for which Ladbrokes has InfoHub activated, simply rotate your device from portrait to landscape mode to unlock incredibly in-depth information about that market, and then use that information to make quality wagers.

We freely admit that we are information junkies, which might colour our views regarding InfoHub, but we live in the information age and the wagering market research Ladbrokes has unleashed through InfoHub promises to sate our information addiction as nothing else can.

Anyone who wants to quickly make the most well informed wagering decisions possible will agree unequivocally with our assessment of InfoHub.

Ladbrokes Info Hub

Here, in brief, is what will happen when you select an InfoHub enabled market on any of Ladbrokes’ mobile wagering platforms, using a popular sports market, English FA Cup soccer, West Ham v Manchester City, for an example.

  • Rotating your table or phone 90 degrees automatically launches InfoHub.

  • Five tabs offer information under the categories of-Overview, Head To Head, Ladder, Fluctuations and Bet Tracker.

  • We chose Head to Head and learnt that the two sides had played at the end of August 2016, with Manchester prevailing 3 – 1.

  • Scrolling down showed historical information for matches the two clubs played against each other for the past two years, but we could have chosen to view head To Head data for all years. We learnt that Manchester wins 89 percent of the time when leading at halftime. This might offer some interesting scenarios for an in play bet, might it not?

  • From that point, you can return to InfoHub and investigate the data under the other tabs. We went to Bet Tracker and learnt that the lion’s share of the money on the match was on Manchester City to win. This also represented the greatest number of wagers.

  • Tapping on Manchester City at this point added that market to the bet slip.

  • From that point, we went to our bet slip and inserted our desired stake, tapped submit and placed our punt.


That entire process took less than five minutes, could have been less, but also could have been longer had we chosen to do more research.

But as this was being written with fewer than 20 minutes remaining until the start of the match; we were content to leave it at that.

This brief overview of InfoHub is not intended as wagering advice.

It was meant to show some of the powerful capabilities of this remarkable innovation by Ladbrokes and we hope than anyone who reads this will explore InfoHub in the manner that best suits them, for it is truly a feature that has put Ladbrokes out ahead of other agencies to a degree that lets us feel confident in saying that the other agencies will soon have something similar, because InfoHub represents a truly paradigm changing in the world of mobile online wagering.