Here is the chance to back up your claim by picking the exact finishing order of the Toyota AFL Premiership Ladder. COMP NOT RUNNING THIS YEAR

To be successful and have a chance at the $100 million prize, you must correctly pick the finishing order of all 18 AFL clubs as they stand at the end of the last round.

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How do you feel about the Hawks winning a third consecutive premiership? They would seem to be a legitimate top rung pick. It might also be logical to pick St. Kilda for the bottom rung.

It is those 16 clubs in the middle and where they will finish that will test the limits of your knowledge. That is all you have to do to walk away $100 million richer.

William Hill has provided a way to make it easier, as well, by permitting you to make up to 100 wagers so that you could reorder the teams in a way so as to cover up to 100 potential scenarios.

Each wager will cost you $5 and all of your wagers must be submitted betwixt 4 March 2015, beginning at 12:01 am AEDT, and 17 April 2015 by 7:00 pm AEDT. That gives you six weeks to come up with the exact finishing order.

If you and another punter or punters successfully manage the feat, you will all share equally in the $100 million dividend pool, with your prize money being deposited into your William Hill account.

Imagine the excitement of following your pick or picks throughout the season. How will you feel halfway through if you are still in the winning mix? Think of all the friends you will have down at the local watering hole should you be clairvoyant enough to be going into the Grand Final one correct prediction shy of the Grand Prize.

After all, you accurately predicted the thrashing administered to the Swans by the Hawks in last year’s final. You even picked the Hawks to cover the line and made a little on the side by picking Luke Hodge to take the Norm Smith Medal. Join Today Signup


There are a few unlikely scenarios with which you should be prepared to deal.

It is potentially possible that not all 18 teams will begin the season, or that all 18 will not finish it. Your funds will be returned to you in that event. Also, the refund situation would apply if for any reason it was not possible to conclude the season by 13 September 2015, which is a week beyond the scheduled conclusion.

Finally, if the AFL were to deduct points from a team or teams due to a rules violation of any kind, that team or those teams would be classed as a starter as far as wagering was concerned, in which case all wagers would be forfeit.

William Hill also reserves the right to accept an AFL Pick The Ladder Wager for any reason, especially if you have traveled backwards in time and know the final result from having witnessed it.

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